Cell Collector

Cell Collector turntable

Cell Collector

This is my entry for Art War 2 by cubebrush - https://forums.cubebrush.co/t/final-artwar-2-3d-cell-collector-jjsculpting/4732

My character lives on a planet with very little sunlight, which means the whole population has developed a weakness against sunlight.
Their planet doesn't have any useful metals, so every tool and weapon they use is made from plants, body parts, and cell manipulation. They capture other species on their planet to use their body parts in an attempt to make themselves, the strongest species in the universe.

My character is a soldier deployed on a newly discovered planet.
They have found a new species on this planet with great skin cells, protecting them against sunlight. His job is to capture one of them, so they can use their cells and inhabit the planet.

March 4, 2018