Holographic freerunner

This is my submission for the Humster3d challenge 'Explorer of New Worlds'
link: http://humster3d.com/2016/05/10/holographic-freerunner/

My idea came from watching a video of the hololens, that Microsoft are developing. I thought it would be a fun idea, if my character was exploring the digital world.He is the future generation of digital gamers, but instead of sitting infront of a computer, he has to be in good physical shape, to compete in the holographic freerunner competition. The goal of the competition is to find a certain number of timers, before the clock runs out. The person who first finds all of the timers is the winner. The timer on his chest, shows how many minutes he has to find the next timer. The clock is also shown in his hologlasses, the one on his chest is for the audience.

August 29, 2016